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June 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - #10

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 11:06 AM
Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration

:new: Recently, DA added a limit on how many thumbnails you can add in a journal (I think it's now 200 thumbnails) and I think it's more than enough. But because of this, we will open only 200 slots next feature instead of 250 slots.

Sorry to those who commented on our feature poll, but couldn't feature them here because of the limit. :heart:
Tsuki-soraruki wrote However the one that couldn't got Feature because of the limit
will be added in the next featuring  I will make on the first of July

How can I get featured?

In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Commission: Libra Windrunner by SinfullyCute Diana, ink and watercolor portraiture - PLUS VIDEO by jane-beata IF I HAD ONE! by NSYee36 Agua by svyre by Risa1
+Summer+ by YumiKF [pia] by Swarelle Protest by bluemangoimages :thumb371697437: The 14th Taurus by U-JI
 Billy - Saw - Congratulations. You are still alive by IreneUbik I am lookin' for an angel with a broken wing by ApoVane :thumb365399336: My Family, My Elephant by ReversedClock
Octopus by yanacherveniashka :thumb368135493: Procreate Art : Lady of the Ocean... by TashaChan R o s e by srcpcsoha Vox Populi by Aeveternal


Happiness in his eyes by Arayashikinoshaka Snow White by Puppet-Girl86 Primal scream by Emi-Gemini Venus by NelEilis IMVU Mermaid by Drii-a7x
Sherlock Holmes - Robert Downey Jr. (Video Link) by Ondjage Twice by KatieNewbie Mariran Pixel Icon by Ai-Lii On the Way of Happiness by MariyaIgnatova The Waterfall Garden by SolitariusWolf
What the...!? by OniNoKo TIME LEAP! by iMikhail :thumb370405597: A Cow Life by hsybbed Tickle me.. Pale? by RedRoronoa
Glare by cheslah Daily dose of happiness by EmaleeAnne Ask Heather: Perfect Vacation by Angiebutt Hobbies and All by 1WebRainbowe1 Under Your Spell by dizzyflower28


BlueJay by Gottheart Haro Page Squishy by ZAFTs-Prince :thumb370979790: :: Casseopeia :: by Savannah-Storm HAPPY BDAY by Kallian91
Open to colour by cookielover17 Mother's Day by JeanaWei Exile Waf by smuggrunge King Schultz 2 by 7-Year-Bytch Persian by Odettery
Cute Buneary x3 by GeckiGewaldro Allure, That Attraction. by TOYDREAMER  Text - He Made Me Smile Sample ChapterHe was like a large teddy bear, all wrapped up in Christmas paper for you. Just when you thought no one cared in the world there he appeared bounding happy and caring, a gentleman to you.
And he sat there and said such wonderful things  - how smart you were and  "hey look at this" and you could almost guess what his family makeup was. He had a brother for sure, but no sisters. You could tell by his confidence and his smile that it was internally happy. Just everything about him was happiness and deep caring. And you deeply cared back.
You could get lost in his ways how he worried about you and cared for you and wanted to be there for you in your dire moments.
And you sat there and whispered to him things that you should not really say, softly into his ear, because hey you had both come from the same background anyway.
20 years of the same stuff it seemed, and jointly between you was a smile and a deep caring that only you two would know.
And you knew instantly,  ev
- helper (B+W) - by Owlivia Redraw: Ninetails black cat by BrownBlurry
Avi for Buh-Oww by zwxART Amistad by Guy2362 pal around by margaw .Sink in heaven. by Otai Whom Shall I Fear? by freuddwyn


Luffy and Coby - Destined rivals by Bariarti  Sakura Miku by HotaruAyanami The Golden Deer by Arulie Fluttershy - It's what my cutie mark is telling me by mdelcristo
Snat or Cail? Sweet Snailcat by Ganjamira Talisman 01 -Hi Res by viridislament CE: Gir Redesigns by Firey-Flamy Linne (Complete Animation) by thescarecroww MOON GIRL by jangiyodha
Say hi by WTFmoments TH: Luscious by Rinjie Wan Smile by TwistedPumpkin Yabba Dabba Boobs by LorenzoSabia My Neighbor Miyazaki - T-shirt Design by Eeren
THIS IS MY JOURNEY__DOODLE by anyazalia Silent dreams by MASkArts The Empty King: Chapter 1 by TerminusLucis ADOPTABLE VIII - CLOSED by norniir Kawaii but Kowaii ~happy birthday mimina~ by micchiyume


WELCOME by Ikaros-chan m o t h e r by selinmarsou .AT. Gold fish in ice. by Hetiru Sunset by siramios It's full of insects, here. by Odessa-Himijo
Zyan for LilithGiroyami by der--sprout Wash the sorrow from off my skin... by CamaroLp Seductive Whispers by Null-Entity Fruitty Bleach Toppings by rhavencometa Kelrodis by fishydraws
Putting on My Face by MalinPihl Kimono colouring ^^ by Shimizu--chan Foresaken Dancer by mangasockattack A BOTTLED RAINBOW by FrozenNote Star Eater by SilverFlight


I like dirty pixels. by rbl3d Yvonne Strahovski Drawing by enzofrenzy Ultralisk by KatherineReedKS Blooming Flower of the Far East by ashoffeathers Fish by MidnightArtDragon
Webcomic - TPB - Long Overdue - Page 22 by Dedasaur Dizz by hybridmink Naruto Shippuden - Team Kiyomo by Momoko122 Ivy Swirls by Chrissijulius Chibi Cersei Lannister by Morrigan22
Chris Pine WIP by Zabboud Our Lady Chasseciel by rosy-GingerPear PC: MintoRin by naitsuko Commission - The Oldest Rivalry by Luminosion Devine colored! by Shire7
A Discrete Flavor Ch. 1I was standing behind a tree, struggling to keep my eyes open. Last night, me and a couple of friends decided to get wasted on my birthday. Right now, it didn't seem worth it, see as all we did today was mope and whine about how horrible we felt. I don't even remember what happened. That'll teach us to do that before a gig. Anyway, did I mention it was cold outside? All I was wearing to keep me warm was a leather jacket which wasn't enough. 
"Jamie, you can't go to sleep yet, were on a gig," The Computer Guy said, "You too, Jack."
"I'm not asleep," I said, "I'm just resting my eyes."
"Ha, right."
"You don't believe me, do you? It's too cold out to sleep. Besides, we couldn't of gotten that far ahead of the truck."
"What about you, Jack?"
I opened my eyes when he didn't respond. He was leaned up against another tree with his head down. I picked up a stick to wake him from a distance. He grabbed with both hands and broke it. After a couple of blinks he c
Sailor V: Crescent Beam! by Ansuchi Lobo de Luna by ryuunootome Puerto Rico expressions and side view by Little-Red-Coat My usual delirium by Gengakutaku


c i g a r e t t e by panna-poziomka Black Adam (Pen) by JosueLainez Bleach Riruka colouring: chapter 428 by Red-hairedshinobi Fire- by anime-halo Spring is in the air by lichtschrijver
January by LittlePurpleCloud Orchid by gismo84 Kano Shuuya by MAYRI-XI Essi by niqhtliqhts :thumb336062924:
Divine Illuminance by Keimichi Gaara - Contest Prize for Xioara09 by Kimidoll The last of the desert wolves by Panda-kiddie Thank You Raggedy Man by Samirakate Sakakibara Rin and Takabayashi Tarou by zzzzenzy
EXO - Kyungsoo by Hakashi-Arakawa :thumb371376178:  Cc by Potato-K My Strawberry by XMireille-chanX Titania, Queen of Faeries by TheIronRing


Rise To Glory by oceans-inferno  An adventure"You're not on the playground anymore!" A muscular man yells to us, a group of 200 scared kids. "You're at the UNSC training academy! We will train you, we will break you. You will bend. And you will be the perfect soldier!" I understood his words, even though I was just 7 years old I understood each and every word to its fullest. "I am Chief petty officer Hokai, I will be your backbone, the man who pushes you past your breaking point!"
9 years later
Two lines of 15 well trained fighting machine 15 year old academy soldiers line up.
Up ahead is a training ground. First up there's a rope that leads up to metal tires that are set up in rows of two. After those is a weak wooden bridge. And one after that is a jungle gym maze of at least one hundred thin rope strings. The ropes drops onto a large metal platform with cement barricades peppering the vast platform and red stains splattering the metal. In the middle of it
Arcanian Sinners by Sai-shou Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) by AmBr0 Happiness Is Fleeting by iAmoret
in my dream by Lolita-Artz Alta en el cielo by Loisa Serket by vliu Today Dad Is Dead by Seveya catch by Ymile
Will's Electrifying Energy by Galistar07water Sometimes we just Have to Dream by GlassesBlu I hope it's waaaay bigger on the inside by Inprismed The Wrath of a Scorn Woman.. by muddly661 Happy Birthday Kozaki-san! by starduo
Antonio Gramsci 04 - (L)ink by AsymptoticWay Nyancat Girl by lightshelter Romance by KalosysArt White Queen by ThePurpleSorcerer Bring me that treasure... by fantreasureplanetljs


Princess Cadence by NerdyKnitterDesigns Dingus by Brieana In by LadyCarnal Splash! I Got You Wet~ by Samuraiflame Broken Road by Dretography
ill just leave this here by Mechanical2127 Bride of Chthulhu by C21 Sleeping princess by Leny97 Angel Of Death by blazi76 Commission for Koinou-Mitei by Mint-Cocoa
Quester's Rest by TheFigureInTheCorner :thumb369465763: Emotions Untouched by Angel-Dust-Ryuuki Lithium Vandale Slaughtered Angel by eveningstars242 Spring beauty by Princess-CoCo-154
Horses against the Aurora Reflection by FTSArts summer wishes by winterbreath1998 Nebula Skies by RustyCroutons Submerged in Water... by azuriin Age Appropriate by Pony-Berserker


BFOI Y2: Kasha by realist-n Tiki-Memic of lore by Aura-Dawn Norwich 4.4.13 by xxwingxx Chibi by Jakurin-chan Earth Dragon by AkiraHikawa
Castform and the News by Kitsuneintheblizzard Taxidermist Taxidermist by scathing-sanity Sunset commission by deergf Grave encounter by Galadriel89 Waiting for the battle by Nijika
My Original Character Re-done and Remixed by LoneShadow911 CL: Awkward by Stabrina Vagabond from the stars by Fantastic-Music :thumb355861624: Kitty by WitchieCat
Judal by AMu23M1  Miles Tails Prower Ear and Tail Set Commission by OllyChimera Here I come to save the day by Lil-Hawk Symbiosis by 707ArtWorks

Thank you! :happybounce:

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