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October 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - # 14

Tue Oct 1, 2013, 4:00 AM
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Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring  pieces from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 41k members!

Bullet; Red How can I get featured?

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

 Bullet; Red Can I use the 'Add Media' button to add my thumbnail?

Bullet; White No! Crying please don't. Just copy and paste your thumbnail in the comment then delete the last  :   so the thumbnail won't work. This way is much easier for us to copy and paste thumbnails into the journal rather than opening several taps just copy them from there.

Can Heaven Hear Me? by BlackThornRose Sakura Miku by Yenni-Vu Raising my Voice to the Sun at Noon by AsymptoticWay  Snowleopard, KA VII by FGW-Photography
The black trees by TheMateriaMaster . d r e a m c a t c h e r . by Savannah-Storm Colorful by vacuum-chan AE-Days of Our Lives: Beidi Ba'jang by ShamelessMagic Artist Under a Microscope by Isalovesphotography
Archer by MilicaClk :thumb351000587: Wash the sorrow from off my skin... by CamaroLp Gift - Cute Su by Sterendenn :AC: A is for Astrid by Kallian91
Mirai by Moochirin Beautiful Doll by KampfzwergLevi  Of Video Games and ArgumentsIt was a moment of dire crisis and the wounded warrior felt the sting of his wounds as he pressed on through the dusty stone hallway. His vision was obscured by the trickles of blood that had streamed down his face, making him wince as he brought his hand up to wipe it off. He had to keep alert for any other surprises that the dark wizard that awaited him at the end of the dungeon may have lying in wait.
Before long he came to a large wooden door at the end of the hallway. Exhausted, the warrior leaned on the wall next to the door. His hand grasped at his side where he felt the large gash in his ribs. He clutched his sword tightly as he desperately tried not to think of how much pain his injury was causing him. Regaining his senses, he reached for the door.
Without warning, the ground fell from beneath him. His hand snagged the handle of the door just in time to keep himself from tumbling down with the fake flooring that had caved away. His sword came free from hi
Death diviner new cover page. by WaterdragonTonx94 Blue Abyssinian + Video by Gato-Iberico

Doodle 01 - Remorse by T-Kaoru Spades and Diamonds cat by GlassesBlu Adoptable #17 -OPEN by Sophalone The Ever so sweet Fall by SeiChuu Abel Nightroad - Trinity Blood by OkariDane
Handsome Sorcerer by CaffeinatedZombie Paige in color by kattugglan Strawberry Party ! by remiita Armin by blood-pleasures Trickery Casino by xRadioactivePixie
Remember by Daneas Miss Fortune by JaidenIV Burn it Down by rosy-GingerPear Xiu Pan by Matna-chan 37.52: Wall of Rose by allyalltheway
Ali Sonoma 02 by Dretography Eruka by srcpcsoha Pokemon Cards by Soph-art-lover Look to the Trees by cheslah 

Dees Bbys by FrostedAlibi Guren no Yumiya by CofL-fee 1, 2, 3, 4... Disgaea by KidiMaster Elegant Death by xXEclipseTheCatXx Tribal Dragonair Commission by Friend-Owl
.satellite. by Tone-of-Echoes Maus by jogagirl The Poet and the Center by Meriancel palmtop tiger by raiisin HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TSU by Curulin
 Summer Style by npmonkko Spinning Gears by TheEvilTeaDrinker Hope on Board by Psychepics Flower Photoshop Actions by interesive  Onion Loop"Well, what do you think of this one," I said, presenting my dish to Cilan.
He squinted at it, picking around with his fork. "Um...Well..."
"What's wrong? Is it not your type?"
He picked out a piece of meat and stuck it in his mouth. "Ah, the meat's done really well. The spices and herbs work well together."
Oh my god, he likes my cooking!
"However," Cilan continued, picking out some of the onion. "You're terrible at cutting up the vegetables."
"Ya got me," I admitted, "I can't cut up vegetables to save my life. Ha, ha!"
Cilan stood up and slammed his hands on the table. "NO! This will not do! There's nothing more that irritates me more than when a great chef cannot get the basics down!"
"Ah! So what will we do?"
He pounded his fist to his chest. "I will teach you how to cut an onion properly!"
"Cilan? My idol? Teach ME something," I said, getting higher pitched as I spoke, "NO WAY! NO WAY! EEEEE!"
"It's the least I can do. Besides, I've taught you everything you know, right?"
I couldn
Lyra's Fanfic by Pony-Berserker Circuit Board Green Diamond Earrings by Techcycle Cammy by LorenzoSabia The Joy of Birds by BunnyFroofroo ~Hollow_Princess~ by Thata-chann

Kai's smile - Digital Painting by JN3ko Curtsy by MarchingSIN Embeige by SepticSkeptik Fly To Another Horizon by Copper-LightSource Superman Rescues an Anime Girl by HeonGaiden
Classroom lineup by riaT-Tair Janus/ roman god by DavidSanchezart Ib : Free Icon by Bunnymee :thumb384839551: Eagle by FTSArts
Angry Chair by szydlak Cassandra, The Blood Prophet by Evon-Adaunt BUTTERFLY PENDANT by MassoGeppetto Panda Ninja Samurai WW2 Veteran Cyborg - PNSWW2VC by DavesPineapple A Lack of Color by Damocloid
Dragon by xXxshadowsneakxXx Fantasy Forest by Orbes Autumn Candy by selinmarsou Side-by-side by Panda-kiddie Bioluminescence by danajayy

Pretty Lady Amelia by izka197 Sand in the Toes by dqmorrow Catch Magic When You Can by CrunchyCrystal Wikipedia by hjpenndragon The Visitor by MasterTeska
Brook by MidnightArtDragon On a Frozen Lake by alewism Our Fates Lives Within Us by MagicalMerlinGirl Pinkuu~ by Risa1 angel and reapers by Lolita-Artz
Soak Up The Sun by tehawsumninja Rainbow Sparks by Gengakutaku Haliey commission 3 by dinoblood Contest Entry Arianna by Katralieh :thumb400418781:
Comm - Sitting Set 3 by Stabrina :thumb400112857: .I Am Not A Robot. by ZombieFoxTrot :thumb393645396: The autumn hunter by DonguriArt

Aibreann (the Swimmer) by FiguraArto Into the sea by BLACKNIGHTINGALE81 Old House by ShashankSuroshi Miniature Polymer Clay Chocolates I by AgentRose Owl 3 by 7-Year-Bytch
Picasso Jasper donut wire wrapped pendant by IanirasArtifacts Mia by svyre Degradation by Silvanne Demon Boy With Bg (finished) by MariekeSmit Enxaneta by AmBr0
Degradation by Silvanne Demon Boy With Bg (finished) by MariekeSmit When the Rain is Pouring Down [Contest Entry] by Chewsome Enxaneta by AmBr0 Heaven Help Me by dizzyflower28
Rainbow way by LadyCarnal Untitled by The-Nettle-Knight Elincia Ridell Crimea by Kitsuneintheblizzard Surprise in dots by MyRaInBoWs Icon Commission: Phoenix by SinfullyCute

Portrait of Wendy Fitzwilliam by gunzy1 Moonlight Sonata by Shimizu--chan Nina Cortex by Princess-CoCo-154 Then by aquamarinetiger98 The Thieving Magpie by S-e-l-a
Spark by Kodaic Meadow of Fantasy by JR-Imagery I'm too tired to work... by Arayashikinoshaka Azur by estefanoida 
Count Girolamo Riario (Da Vinci's Demons) by ynne-black Fall Ball Dress [New!] by CPTBee Kagome Hirohito (Improved) by PrinceInDeepThought Thunder Man by zarakioo Angry birds by Lil-Hawk
Pinkybella by SplashyRainbow Gollum Speedpaint by ThePurpleSorcerer -SOLD- Methystos the amethyst dragon art doll by CreaturesofNat Pointy. by Satonya [JING-ka Bi-Weekly Challenge No. 7] Darkness by azuriin

Troubled Young by SMICAT Fires From Within Unleashed by x---A-R-N-O---x Sherlock ACEO -ON SALE- by DegasClover A Girl and The Demon Prince by KadenDragon FFXIII-2: Serah by Chiaticle
Headshot - Emerald by WonderfulMelody8 Almost there by hsybbed On the ledge. by cookielover17 :thumb390311292: Raindancer's Reflection by MaidenStar
CM: Nova by ReversedClock  Hopeless DreamerHopeless dreamer stays awake
In a city that begs to sleep
Where does everybody go when you need them most?
They just disappear like the mist on the coast

Hopeless dreamer waiting
For a midnight train to come
She knows that train will never pick her up,
Destined to live a life full of abandoned thoughts

Hopeless dreamer tiring
Of living without a dream
She knows they all try their best,
But they all leave her side onces midnight strikes

Hopeless dreamer takes a step
Just outside the door
Have the stars always been this bright?
Were her eyes just too tired to see them?

Hopeless dreamer finds
She isn't so hopeless anymore
They're running away tonight for good,
Just the two of them to get away

Hopeless dreamer has found
Her own hopeful voice
It's not her own voice,
But the voice that pushed her through and picked her up

Hopeless dreamer finds
Maybe a little bit of hope
His eyes are bright and wild sometimes,
And he just wants to run away like sh
Hatsune Miku by Pockicchi Tribal Tawny Owl by Sunrise-LoneWolf At Sunset we rise by Schokomanianna

The Eye by WeaselTea Laurel Anniversary Portrait by batterypoweredpotato  Punk Beauty by theheek Under a green sky by Stacy-L-Gage
Vanity by Hannahjanelee Happy Birthday, NA Bros by NSYee36  My First Dragon by SeangelSaph Tavern or Inn? by Jalapenostark
Christian Bale is Batman ! by AgentButt-Kick Silkii 2 of 4 by Aura-Dawn Djinn by sachi813 My Chairmate by AkuToSeigi Armin Arlert by SugarContent
KEEP HOLDING ON__DOODLE by anyazalia Blossom by annewipf Request2: Alia'Vosk by Stroke1986 Catz invasion by Elehanne Take a photo by Sissyke
De lava y cenizas volcanicas by Loisa Pensee by Fantastic-Music Her Vibrant Soul  (Digital Painting) by areemus


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