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December 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - #16

Sun Dec 1, 2013, 2:00 AM

Hello dear members of Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 42k members and 37k watchers!

Bullet; Red How can I get featured?

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Earth by Vexcel In the Fall by TwoToneFools Rudolph the red nose reindeer - GLOWING NOSE! by CreaturesofNat Paid Commission by psowill 1/2 by konrei-sama ++My Lord++ by hissorihaka
Captain Kenway by Guzzardi Ruth by RustyCroutons Adopt Auction 110913 {Closed} by Yoshuya-Kiryuu Light the Way by xRadioactivePixie #62 Poliwrath by alewism
Who am I by sleepyonii Biohazard by TheLeeLover i want to sail away from here by rainylake Cake? by Yachiru-RinRin Crazy! by SenorDoom
Cilan and Jamie by TheBlackBullets Sun on Bubbles by ChaosFay black andwhite by cakep0p Seacliff Bridge Sunrise by W00den-Sp00n Commission-786sanary123 by sysengrat

Beautiful Day by YorukoChikokoro Superman by batmangenisis FrankenPuss ($10 USD Inc Shipping to US) by FTSArts Fence by cheslah Imaginary by ascenciok
white on blue no.1 by TheComicChick Temptation by TakuyaRawr Favourite characters meme - Female edition by ANTI-caustic Blinded by wdnest Checkmate. by joemari5
Goodnight Usagi by JiJidraws Niwa Tanoshi jikan by Art-in-heart4va I Feel Good! by number-xiii Water View 01 by WeaselTea The Empty King: Chapter 3 by TerminusLucis
Playing Infront Of HIlls by wolfwings1 Bunny Pop by Offline65 :thumb413174606: Gloavert :: FEARRIS by UnderworldPuppet Sweet as Love by FlabnBone

Another World by BwlMcBrt Bitterman comic 2 by jeckald Alphonse and Sky by Wolflover1086 Precursor | ToiBox Logo Revised | Logo by CursyPon3 The Rose. + Poem by TheSaneInInsanity
The Trickster by Jabuzzz Kuroda Flele by SapphieChan Revealed in the Moonlight by GlyphBellchime Oh my unicorn by Sugis 
AT: Ichigo by Tannywantan :thumb412986960: Pluto by Berander Lost time by theheek Something's here... by Lumnili
More Desperate Romantics: Romeo and Juliet by SHParsons Good morning, Sunshine by OniNoKo Dragon Nest: Party Invite? by Fenrixion A Caress by MariyaIgnatova Suited And Fanged 04 by Null-Entity

Jag by Matna-chan Moonlight Angel by JR-Imagery Proving Grounds by reznor666 October 26 by nokeek Where the story begins by Rinoa-Light-Leonhart
SMV-Alyssa's Winter Outfit-NovDec Quest by Animecolourful prize: riemu by Bunnymee Fall by Arayashikinoshaka A crazy Couple by Kartoffel83 Emilie Parker by Emi-Gemini
Chibi Jomon Sugai by Guy2362 Mossfire by katsuroyasu Hooded by svyre Waiting for a Rainy Day by DarthIndy [GW2] Little Nastix by Nastix24
Polymer Clay Halloween Cake by LittlePurpleCloud Hide From The Sun by Eeren WOODWORK: DOG RELIEF by b-Dedi Joker-boy by Midaxz Andariel Rose 14 by Dretography

Moogle, Kupo! by Doofiesaurus Weather Report by Akiocha Chiruha by NIKEwings Hedgehog by wuestenbrand Live long and prosper - D.Who x Star Trek by Ondjage
Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder by SaintDill Somewhere Across The Ocean My Voice Reaches to You by ashoffeathers Please Smile, smile when you think about me... by Silver-Metalwolf13 Water Colour Girl by RED-ADAM Daddy by SirCassie
Rioden by kausa Have a great day, dad. by LittlePuffin The legend of Zelda - Nabooru by shamylicious Midoki Nobu by AkuToSeigi Carpe Diem by Otaku-J
Book Earrings by NoOneWouldListen Icon Commission: Demari by SinfullyCute To Mars Without Fund XD by PATotkaca 23rd October by MidnightArtDragon  Driven over the breaking point...Crux puts his helmet back on to check up on Silver Team's progress. He waits several minutes for their hourly report...but none comes. He contacts Jackson, the leader of Silver Team, but gets no responce.
     A burst of static comes in over the COM line, then a panicked Marine's voice fills his helmet. "This is Sergeant Harley. Jackson is here, in the armory, he's gone crazy or something! He is killing everyone. Get down here immidietly!" The Marine shouts. There is an explosion that erupts from the line, then it goes dead.
    Crux tries to open the line again, and a second time. But it doesn't work.
Crux grabs his M6B sidearm and rushes to the armory which is only a little bit away.
Crux hears the explosions and gunfire from down the hall. But as he reaches the armory...all is silent.
    He runs inside and the door slides open. He jumps back as a body falls towards him and he almost opens fire. But sees its a dead Marine.
    The Marine'

ART TRADE with zekushi by Aeveternal bat-logo re-imagined by S-e-l-a Life Sketches - #11 - Wingman by ElDiogo Chuubi Yui Gruenewald by Momoko122 tier 8 by FranzNacion
Change by Otai Naruto Shippuden Custom DVD cover by ultima-lord Apples III by DuchaART Shimakaze Prints .////. by Josu-San Titania, Queen of Faeries by TheIronRing
.: Remembering the P A S T :. by tashaj4de Hala'szba'stya by LadyCarnal Flower by Sissyke Longing by StarfireArizona Piggies' Autumn by Leny97
Night by MagdaWojtasik Dark Passenger by dizzyflower28 Vintage Princess - Mulan by selinmarsou The sound of silence by jeremi12 Color the World by MuguetStock

Project Retouch by fantreasureplanetljs Yeti by Gravedrinker [2/3 OPEN] Chinese Zodiac batch 2 by SSnowAdopts Makar by CPTBee You've been LOKI'D again! by Kallian91
Stasis by rayvin734 Autumn by JessicaLicari Fox by picasoeffect Girl From the Fairy Tale by AnastasiaNio snk - by paichi
The Panther of the cherry blossom by sakkocchi May I Nom You? by Stabrina Ms.Galaxy by Loilie Xatu by Odettery Frozen Port by Orbes
Our Hearts, Now They Beat The Same (Jean + Marco) by Popo-Licious Pokemon Red Team Groupshot by DemiurgikArt Guigan my imaginary friend by YAMATA12 Near the nebula... by CamaroLp Good...Night...mare! by heySnapDragon

Rachel McAdams by AmBr0 Kamiko and the Earth by AlbinoGrimby Early Morning Walk by Miguel-Santos Insanity by ToplessMartian Flowing Honey by inktion
Artist Under a Microscope by Isalovesphotography Winnie the Heterochromic Kitty III by MarthaTuma Kaciana by jeren07 I A D N A M A D by sachi813 Broken Heart by SepticSkeptik
Exploration by TheScribbler12 I don't want to fly anymore by Chewsome Sailor moon ready for battle! by FairysLiveHere Trick or treat by SplashyRainbow AT - Vyron by Risa1
Cp - Georgia Link by Princess-CoCo-154 World Culture Costume Series by BasakTinli What it used to be in a Time by Art2Key Here Comes The Titan by TsukikoTakahashi Dark Sentinel (painting) by oceans-inferno

Sea Elf by ThePurpleSorcerer Someday.. We'll leave by TaiyokoChan Ushanka by EdaHerz Glamour Until The End by k-e-i-t-h let's get it crackin' by ZombieFoxTrot
Autumn Pieces by ReversedClock Stained Glass Design - Angel - revisited by Zygamora Serenity- by CLE-ArT Link by KuroeMoon Sailor Moon by Stacy-L-Gage
CatLad: The Finer Things by kay-sama Girl Smudge Signature PSD by interesive The Tactless Chain Smoking Massacre by Resuleir Gravity II by ValentinaWhite Enchanting. by cookielover17

Purple Twin by MichibanCupcakes Noir Aqua by ChocoVanillaX Staying Behind by rieke-b Freedom Fighter by nimraaijaz a few of my rings by strictlyhandmade
Ice Coffee girl by TSnow Land!! by Lightsyde My Tree Wallpaper by Meiko55 Eileen Snape by Capricornicis Miku::Rainbowroad by Mikriluna
UNTITLED by Quinton-Watson .:High Above:. by Decepticougar  VY2-15 Years by Shimizu--chan Isometric Dragon by rbl3d

Don't forget to check out our big holiday contest which started two weeks ago and please check out also our  icon  contest

Holiday Contest - Ended

Hello dears,
Creation-Inspiration's crew are happy to announce our new and big contest!
Holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or any other holiday you celebrate this time of the year. How do you celebrate them? What do the holidays mean to you?
There will be two categories for this contest: Visual & written.
Deadline: 15th of January 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST 
The Judges are Creation-Inspiration's crew.
Target Rules: Target
1. You must be a member at Creation-Inspiration in order to participate and submit to the contest folder.
2. Entries must be new. Made after 15th of Novem
CI Icon ended please vote on the polls!Edit: The contest has ended
thank you everyone that participanted in our contest
please vote on the polls below
not just only pick your  favorite icon
please we need comments both polls
pick your favorite 3 on both polls then write a comment thats how you will vote for this Contest!
3 Winners will be announced on 29 January 2014(Which is tomorrow) 10:00 PM CET!
The winner will be announced on 29 January 2014
good luck everyone that  participanted in our contest :happybounce:
some members ask for a extra time so I have been so kind to give them extra time
so you still want to join this contest you still have 3 days!
What to Make: Creation-inspiration icon for our group.
The Rules of the contest
1. be Creative
2.This contest is open to members of creation-inspiration only.
3.The icon must be 100 x 50 pixels & smaller than 30kB
4. Enter as many t


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