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February 1
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CI Monthly Feature #18

Sat Feb 1, 2014, 1:06 AM

Hello dear members of Creation-Inspiration ,

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 43k members and 37k watchers!


Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

The World Is Mad Enough by MelikeBAt Azeroth by Kaymaro GIFT: Himechui (Commission Example) by Everglaves :thumb426854707: 71. Obsession by Lwba
Daenerys Targaryen by ElyGraphic Cat - Actions by interesive [CONTEST] Holiday Fun by Eeren Spyro's Shottie by Rukua Nova Fullbody by jeckald
bluebird by YumiKF Sea Dragon by iisjah Glamorous by Douxpixart :thumb290649593: Lucius Malfoy by LiubovKorotkova
Take me as your birthday present^^ by Seminon :::+ Happy Birthday... to Me! Kai-chan :3 +::: by Yami-Kaira Field of Dreams by RankaStevic Merry Christmas 2013 by Momoko122 Gathered here within our hearts by ashoffeathers

And the lights of the universe fall on me by jiasen The Spirit of Virgin Forest by MaLize Picture Perfect by hjpenndragon the Princess and the Pirate by selinmarsou Go For A Run by Robydude
Tsumiki Miniwa - Ink and Wash by anime-master-96 Dream dust by Blossom-Lullabies Commission for Soulia: Alin Yereko by starduo :thumb426140580: Smile of an owl III by Arayashikinoshaka
[RENDEZVOUS] Sports by Aeveternal Anime style by Art-in-heart4va You And I by A-Motive Noble demon lady by TurquoiseSubmarine The Hobbit: Kili and Fili by SHParsons
Mako Shark by SuperSlavisWife Open your eyes by lunastone100 spidey suit re-designed by S-e-l-a Today was the usual by tashaj4de Jasmo Predator of the month challenge 1 Tron by IllyDragonfly

Night Prowler by elecyan Death and Strawberry by PeachBerryDivision Ishi-Oh from my new manga by AkiraHikawa Fresh by LadyCarnal black hole wallpaper hd (1920x1080) by elideli
Faith  by EdenaBlujul Winter Kisses by IncognitoArtist :thumb425890140: Smile by aeshean [Gift] No name by wcqaguxa
Troll and a baby raptor by LiberLibelula Thank you! by sysengrat Italy loves Doitsu by Tsukimochi A fantasy crown by TheIronRing Happy New Year 2014! by Otai
100 points: Ariel Icons by SinfullyCute Plant by cheslah Free Hugs for all!! by Arulie Kiss the Rain by dizzyflower28 Change Your Ways by StarfireArizona

:thumb426414812: Let It Be Free by Tannywantan Sylveon by Angiebutt -Request- Foxy girl by Echtaria Welcome Home 2 by JPMNeg
Adele by JaidenIV Request Roku by Elsa113 Feeling like playing? by TheSaneInInsanity My friends by mirenne Happy Birthday Kassandra21!!! ^_^ by Artworx88
Neko Ichigo by AkuToSeigi The name on everybody's lips by Fruitatious Leash Training by StarWarsJediAmy teenage mutant ninja... FROG? by JohnnySlade Birdie by srcpcsoha
Prince Rajah by fantreasureplanetljs A vow... by konrei-sama The One Who Had The Light by sweetcandyteardrop A fairy's birth by amumaju How Beauty Sunset by MuguetStock

Time traveling by ElSohnSchon :thumb425726434: NinjaKato Giftart! by Music-lovinFox Harl Expressions_SKTX1 by KidiMaster Marowak by Odettery
Catching Fire - Katniss Everdeen by EdaHerz The Dark Crystal Tribute by BubbleDriver Mark the demon by Midaxz Fallen Beauty by Ciniminimon Let's get creative by GlassesBlu
Maintenance by Maxa-art Contest Entry: Trix pixel by NezNezz IC: Hotaru + Shura by ReversedClock Cp - Georgia Link by Princess-CoCo-154 Paint yourself by MidnightArtDragon

Elsa by Madhurupa Fiction + Reality by Luxiella Midnight At The Emerald City by Smudgeproof Like A Storm -BREAK FREE- (2013) by Meekochan Study Hall by GlyphBellchime
Spider-Man Typography by oragamiknight Martina portrait by theNightwishmaster Lady Gaga by Mayank94214 Kitty by Violentiine Night Life by alewism
.:Not a fairy tale:. by SplashyRainbow Leandra Amell/Hawke by mpissott You are not a puzzle solver by Kallian91 :thumb425822274: Cami by NotAGoddess
Gift - Casper by Kimidoll Angel by zozee9 -Mad Doll- by The-Bloody-Black-Cat Mint by Sawap Michibans by MichibanCupcakes

Freddie by Lola-in-the-Black I believe I can fly by xLetsPretend Rocks by Art2Key She's no Angel by damilepidus Portrait Commission Dunyam by BasakTinli
.:Luke:. by Souls-of-Fire Bloody Octopus Earbites by VampGhoul Amelia's Water Powers by izka-197 Dearly Beloved by Resonance21 Do We Have a Deal? by ThePrinceZuli
Happy New Year~! by AkiShinri time you waste by SMT-Images Within the Clutches of Greed by Roraima99 Blossom 25 by wuestenbrand Self by blazi76
Sagittarius by Teaserd Emily Blunt - Timelapse by AmBr0 Homura Akemi - You Are Not Alone by DarklightseekerArt The Goddess and The Angel by Blaze1090 Lilith's Wrath by dreito

SOMEBODY WAITS FOR YOU by RemixedMagic SO WHAT KNOW ? (drawing) by b-Dedi Full Body Dragon by Graphite-Paws Asylum Sup by itsjustcake Gloavert :: PX Fearris by UnderworldPuppet
Honedge by TheScribbler12 ID by overtheact Golden Green Feathers by bite-size-fox Gravity by OonaghAncaireBattle Fireflies by crazylame1
Yellow Umbrella by JuStHaVEHoPe Crossed Her Line by Pony-Berserker Chibi Sesshomaru by Stacy-L-Gage Lorde by vidaman Thor 2 The Dark World by vegetanivel2
Lie by chaoslilac :thumb427141144: Follow me by Babou-Shka Stairway to the Sun by MasterOfUnlocking Keeper of the Night Skies by andralynn

Hollee                        Colored Pencil by lemgras330 Imprisoned by Jenplant Azure Dreams by MaidenStar Chris Pine by Zabboud Cyclis by Tophthetomboy
BURN! by TsukikoTakahashi My Own Artwork-The apple tree by theheek Arms race 1aSo6shdw6high by PeterOchabski Commander Erwin Smith: Colored by AliNere George by SepticSkeptik
World Melody by Kuru-sann  Miss Layee by RustyCroutons Warm Holiday by ElevatingDesign Bleach sexy nude momo hinamori premium edition by greengiant2012  WaterIvana Rhajput looked at the door, it was to an apartment, and to, she hoped, someone who could help her, she took a deep breath, and knocked, at once there was a loud crash, and the door opened, a smell of brimstone and the loud noise of some heavy metal music sounded, a man with brown and pink hair answered the door, he wore an undershirt and sweat pants, his arms and torso were covered with tattoos. Mostly of Dragons and other fantastical monsters, and a strange looking scar was on his left hand, he looked at her, coughing and spoke in an Irish accent. “You're...You're that Forensics Chick.” Ivana prayed that he could help her.
“I'm here to ask you for your help.” The man nodded, inviting her in, he walked over, opening a window and walking over and picking up a pot filled with a noxious orange liquid, He entered the bathroom, a minute later a flushing sounded and he walked over, placing the empty pot on the shelf.
“Sit down, what's the case?” He s
Kradhikari: the Shadow Warrior by eirol87 Perler Totoro Family by EmisBakery

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