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October 1, 2012
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CI Monthly Feature - #2

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 1, 2012, 7:28 AM

EDIT: You're all most welcome! :heart:

Hello dear members,

Every month, me and our lovely founder Tsuki-SoraRuki will feature works of Creation-Inspiration's members. All you have to do is leave a link or thumbnail of your work on the feature poll which will be made on the 15th of every month.

This feature is a chance to showcase your work to 30k members.

Here's this month's feature:

Chibi Layla by GemaStarlight~Hope~ by Golden--Rose:thumb326440928:V i v i d by raiinysummerDo not sink the Boat by Debbysh A Warning to LoveIt fed her mind,
It fed her soul,
It drew her in,
Like a black hole.
It fed her body
It fed her heart
It broke her to pieces,
Pulled her to parts.
It fed her hands
It fed her more
It ripped her up,
And slashed and tore.
So I warning give,
She's no more a white dove,
But from a polluted crow,
A warning to love.
Flying heart .:Pilot poster:. by FollowingStars
52. Deep In Thought by LatifaDrawsCommission: Dragon Girl by Komal08731:thumb320930303::thumb326161986:Promised Souls by AngelicsManaThe Potionsmaster by Izayoi7
Cosmo and Wanda by Kiniki-ChanPassing By by oh-hell-no69It seems we are not alone here... by Isbjorg:thumb323053552:VOCALOID3 - IA by KiranaKikoeru917in Medias Res by JiJidraws
OW: ELM104 - Fight fire with fire... by konrei-samaThe Bookstore by Natters619little bird by Lydia-Burns:commission:Flame by sarasarafrazCHEAP $1 or 80 Points Adoptables by likecolourpencilsUnder Construction by 0r4nJuice
Porcelain by Julia-AuroraToo scary for Easter bunny? by SzczurzyslawaCommission - Ariel and Flounder by AngelShizukaRapunzel and Pascal by BratLittlePrincessgas or they came at dawn by whoreundart93
-A Smile Is worth Something- by RemorseryCupcakes II by EmotionalLadyyCM - une-petite-lapin by Lili-Tea:thumb325865158:My diary by Aline96Bubbly espresso by Linuziux
Ghost Squirtle by MeoWmatsu~*Moon*~ Blue Eye of Skies by OoMoonieoODarkness by girlontheroofSpider Eye by Crazy-KiwiiButterflies family by Roxy2344Falling by kaifuu
.FADE OUT by ilareenRes Commish: Iviks by Wildbatty[Loki] Drink with me by teralilacButterfly Fairy Lights by EdaHerzcome listen to me by nataszekLike Another World by divafica
hot summer2 by e-uphoriaLISA-the-CakeFan Cosplays Tsumiki by TheEternalMangaI love you puppy =) by HeartANGELfiedTree by RadishStickMalik Is Waiting *Animated* by Null-Entity
Astrid by Izzy95:thumb324430514:~Us seven~ by LuciaHaneLost Soul by BeastBoxDesignsThree best friends by HegichernWanting. by KilljoyX
Ship in bottle v3 by balint4 BreatheI am just too
rational to cut myself
because I know thoughts are cutting deeper
than a knife and
if I watched me bleeding I´d know I´m still alive
-but this is definitely not being alive
this is just inhaling something which
is called oxygen but feels like water,
just opening and closing a pair of empty eyes,
this is just unsealing a mouth
and pronoucing meaningless syllables
and this is just distorting my lips and
labeling it a smile
I am just too
rational to give up because
that would be what the world wants
and there is a rebellious rest inside of me left
which just wants to protest
and scream
scream my head off till the deafs will pay attention
and laugh so hard I won´t feel a tear anymore
like it´s my first breath
because when you smile like this,
I feel like I could even breathe
I'll protect you by Emi-GeminiCommission Chibi + Food by SelpheeUsagi-Paint with no purpose- by Michael-HansenMy girls by EllirianaRei
:thumb326603245:Origami Idea by Caen-NMe, myself and Alice by Ianah-chanDreamer by Arayashikinoshaka:thumb299004548:
it's better than here by frooloolooAutumn mask by Puppet-Girl86:thumb327191978:120909 by ebbaWeird Humans by SilvannePatronus by themockingmirror
Ferocious by 7-Year-BytchShadows by TheMateriaMasterHand Swan in Hyde Park by TessaAnka:thumb326206318:Eternal Love x3 by bokuberry
PewDiePie by purplecookiedoe:thumb327076629::thumb306478387:Sunset Painter by Miguel-SantosFreddie by LittlePuffin
Gaining silence by Gloria-sanLittle scars - May EAP2012 by Catherine-PLswamp guy (?) by MirahuWalk in a forest by Vi9atiAT: Bonds with the World by hoshichoDisease by LittlePurpleCloud
:thumb326805106:Rosalina seated by Cold-Force:thumb325991661:Field by Risa1Don't worry little Tepig... by MrsVolvShinsengumi No Hajime Saitou by Eeren
swallows by cloe-patraSecret Rainbow by ashoffeathersBatman by BiesiadaI just want to express it over and over by EntrustedMario Party 5 by ripley4O77Pink Blossoms by inspired2theCORE
Toxic ACEO by amari:thumb327173224:Forest Dragon by LwbaRabbits by AmBr0:thumb315508824:
Dark Infected by VudzOs t a r r y by ellecatsEvabella Black by AEIOUworksThe Little Ballet Dancer by RMOriginalArtYou've been LOKI'D again! by Kallian91 Curse the CloudWhy can't this cloud disperse?
I just want to wave my arms and blow it all away.
It clings to my clothes, it gets in my eyes, and dissolves in the form of tears.
I curl up and stick my face to the ground desperately..
but it still finds its way to me.
On some days I wonder if it could be as simple as taking a pill;
are those people really happy? Or is it just the drugs?
And if I became happy, would it stay as a substitute for the storm clouds..
or would I be in a limbo, unable to be happy or sad?
I'm already in one limbo, I don't need another.
I think I just want to be held.
Can anyone hold me, without me shaking them off with a laugh?
When I stand among my friends, I feel inclined to slowly break away.
I don't want to share the burden of this cloud. The thunder hurts my ears.
The lightning hits my heart, makes my blood hot.
I love the sweet melancholy rain, but I just want to share it.
Is it possible to share my rain while the rest all just disappears?
Or am I meant to wallow with mys
Mermaid by PetiniBeagInstagram: Looking to the Sky by pianokeys457love by yiimisekizGraceling - Silver and Gold by Ingvild-SIt has to happen by amumajuSun's Glow by ShelbyMelissa
[Mousedrawn/Chibi] Little Miss Cassy by StrawberryYashiJeremiah. by DarkGamer72Sasuke - In The Dark Night by ChInAdOlliHumming Birds 2 by White-Wave-QueenTime of your Life by EugenieA#69 - Force Mage by ElDiogo
F l y i n g by Marie8DWild West Showdown by VERTEX768MHzGanesh by InsanemoePredation by Figren:thumb322887781:art trade with Kumuritheperfectgirl 1 by YadahhYadahhYadahh
Sailing Sunrise by dedeartistAmano Yukiteru by vanillavalleFortroende by Molvayas Girl On The LedgeThe time had come. There was no going back now.
Wind had been picking up. Blowing in from the right, off the top of the mountain and down onto the bridge where she now stood. Nervous. Shaking. But ready.
She put both hands on the railing, specifically meant to prevent people and cars passing over the deep mountain valley from falling in. Hoisting herself up with her arms, she leaned over and peered down into the darkness almost 2,000 feet below and felt a sudden updraft of cool, spring air that made her hair go wild.
It was now or never. She had gone way too far to go back.
She pulled at the collar of the orange uniform she'd been force to wear and felt the weight of the shackles around her ankles.
Now or never
She grabbed onto a lamp pole that was positioned perfectly in the middle of the bridge and swung one leg up on the ledge. Steadying herself with her hands, she brought the other leg up and stood slowly to keep herself balanced on the thin railing.
"You don't have to do th
Tribal Stag Design by Tandenfee
Kyuubi Quadsuit 2012 SOLD by Yamishizen:thumb322841638:Akise X Yuki by shortpencilLive long and prosper. -Edited by PseudonymousRMY
I GOT BIT BY A UNICORN by AlligatesZuul Struck by Lightning by Esbe77Grey Horse by BunnyFroofrooMint [+SPEEDPAINT VIDEO] by mintdesu:thumb327220973:needle felted Barn Owl by eagle-elf
Some Flowers by elanesse-vAvatar Freebie by VenusRain:thumb324974567:OC: Logan and Anspeth by stivaktis:thumb324405605:First spring by KokoTensho
Red Velvet Wedding Cookies by Afina79Aquarius by HHubsThyme by sweetsourcherry. S u m m e r  .  D a y s . by TheArtistykUni by UnisadeCharmed, I'm sure by StarryEvening
'Stormtrooper' by TADASHI-STATIONLaberynth by banshee69050812 by kiwiohBirthwrong Cover by lillithsongBubble practice #3 (finished) by 4everabooklovergirl2
:thumb326693036:Female Crow Hogan by roseannepage These Dreams Rip me ApartThese dreams rip me apart
in ways you couldn't understand.
I knew your absence would hurt
that pulling you out of my heart would
leave weeds in my ribcage,
things that would grow and ache long after you left.
I guess I just didn't count on the fact
That I would miss you so wholly
There is this soreness that taunts me
It says, "You had him be happy."
and I reply simply, "I know."
But the worst are the sleeping phantoms
that ghost over me
leaving me trying to grasp at you,
leaving me breathless and wanting...
Footprints of a memory
trapped in a cobweb that caught in my mind,
or a look at a future
far off and distant
through murky smoke and mirror...
Last night I had the repeating dream,
it's long and its terrible
drags me along glass and then dips me in salt
I'm sitting in bright light on white sheets
and I feel a flicker of life
something quick like a shimmer
feathers in my belly.
You're holding me
we're thinking of names
Bright yellow nursery
cerulean crib
letters on the wall
and I'm h
Colorful by ninquetariThe Last Adventurer by SonicXfan007 Shadows...Shadows are cast in a circle around me, even though I'm the only person in the damp room. I've given up on trying to uncover the secrets of this place. But something keeps drawing me here. I'm not sure what, but it's a strong feeling, like all my desires and wants are contained in this very room. I sit on the cold grey floor, close my eyes, and breathe. I breathe in all types of things. The damp smell fills my nose, somewhat comforting.  I smell roses. I'm not sure where that smell comes from, but it's here.
I breathe out. I breathe out everything I've done, everything horrible that ever happened to me. I let it all pour out. I open my eyes slowly, suddenly aware of everything. How lonely I feel, how much pain I've felt. The shadows aren't there anymore. I can hear the rain pelting the window. I start breathing heavily. What's happening?
The room transforms. Blood red rose petals scatter around my feet, slowly withering as they do so. Light flickers across the walls. Candles
Flower Wishes by MikiCloverPlushies by AmayumiBeginning... by Lil-Greenie:thumb305511315:Fuko: Birthday Wishes by AMu23M1
Dragon Girl by DragonGirl983The Key by vagnervargasRainbow Chalk by DemonWolfQueenThat Day (page 3 of 8) by ronoDay 5 by PijttLast Night, Goodnight by jojo263
Fluttershy by PockicchiBlood and Pain by mandospartangirl117Smile by puppypal32AT: Igor i Zosia by fenna-marudaThe Snow Queen by jaymetwinsAn old summer in poppyland by LadyCarnal
Lost place by MowitoSpring time has passed by music-drop:thumb295705542:Indian ink by Mio299Cloud Final Fantasy by vegetanivel2Friends. by Gaara0013

Thank you all :heart:

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