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Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 44k members and 38k watchers!
Me and Tsuki-SoraRuki have featured over 4000 art works from our members in 20 articles. :iconeeeeeplz:

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Under the Moon by Hitachiin-Sister
 You Must Stay by BubblewithWings 3D Planet and Moon by Noguy Geometric Math Anthro by ThomaePen Lucky Breeze by HaruShadows 
GIFT: Heavenly Night by Sunrise-LoneWolf Red Warrior by AyshaChoudhury Say cheeese! by Rinoa-Light-Leonhart Cyberpunk Cry by PixlGold Bianca Original by pecann

Charger by reblog WN- URL and YA-chan by Yoru-Vampire Angel by Skrillexia-TF Celestial Existence by dizzyflower28 Dead/Man- Dra-Sara by KnightSlayer115 
Xeno-Chan by kagekabuki  Ibuki Mioda by MystykNess Topical haze by twinteen Shapes by oga-chan Angel of Souls by Kerrigore

Pain In Her Eyes by SaraSaeed95 With the stars above by teluha Maine Coon Cat by Robydude Suikoden V: Georg Prime by SapphireAngelBunny water dream by orypho
Finnick Odair by 4yukimarukuchiki4 Kit Harington by LiubovKorotkova Yo - Animated Lip Sync by anime-halo Safe by Matt023 I often dream of flying by wcqaguxa
Rays by hsybbed Blissful Summer Dreams by StarWarsJediAmy Shoes by pinkygirls Fly Nimble! - Contest Entry by Piuna Checkmate - Inferno by mib4art
Starting OverThe dim light coming from the kitchen indicated her whereabouts.
He padded his way to the kitchen and paused at the door, watching her.
She was hunched over her notebook, clutching a cup of tea in one hand, while scribbling furiously with the other.
“Don’t hover.” She said, sensing his presence. “Either come in or go back to bed.”
He entered the room and took a seat opposite her. “What are you doing up?” He asked carefully.
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“You should have woken me.”
“You need your sleep.” She replied, without looking up. “You have to work in the morning.”
“Well, I am awake now.” He insisted. “What’s wrong?”
“Everything’s fine.” She said, irritated. “I just couldn’t sleep.”
“It’s three in the morning.”
She didn
 Nananana nananana BILLIONAIRES by Kallian91 A rose full of thorns by thenightwishmaster Forest (New Version) by YorukoChikokoro Charm Cafe-Charmer Ruby by Animecolourful

Azure Spirit - handpainted Featherquill by Ganjamira 
Castlevania - Shanoa by shamylicious Akatsuki born in Fire... by Indigo-ri Exodus by Korbaach APH Ukraine by bubblehun 
Commission for Yiamme by Erisiar From Winter to Spring by Dimolicious Lauren by Bree-Kim Breath Me III by AmmyWongraven Valentine's Day 2014 by Fruit-sec
CE: Nostale: Wait for 2014 by TearsDissolved Secret Stash by Yenni-Vu Hidden by TheScribbler12 Crocus 11 by wuestenbrand get ready for the event by KidiMaster
Hime by VisualVerdict Inciense by Art2Key Forever alone by AnikueTheRobot On the Road by icefire5689 Moving with the Zodiac by ChaosFay

Y  sin embargo... (MdI FanArt) by CrisHaru94
 Sdc12153 by Assy-7 Ducha by silviamanes Sarajevo by MoonlightLyanti Impetus by MariyaIgnatova
The Caretaker by OniNoKo
 Make-Shift Angel XI: The Artist by ArdenEllenNixon Com: Millie + speedpaint by KokoTensho Jackfrost :: RotG by Chiroyo Daylight Obsession by Sasa-Van-Goth 
David's 10th by DegasClover Love sun 2 by Arayashikinoshaka Peregrine falcon - sumi-e style by Emi-Gemini Vesperr Headshot by Samciu Grump by HMS-ArtHound
Avena by Fruitatious Apocalypse by Grugle [OPEN] Adoptable - Pig girl by SinfullyCute Cookie's Crafts: Banana Plushie! by cookielover17 Mystic by ThePurpleSorcerer 

Magenta Row by TornIntegral 'Snowflake of Elsa' (silver pendant for sale) by seralune Lacy by TsukikoTakahashi .:Lullaby Moon:. Emily = Clarity by tashaj4de WT - A Love Letter to You by DarthRose 
Blood and Tears by MortalFate Just A Brisk Evening Fly by VenusRain My Territory by DarkFriesianNight Chicks Dig It by cheslah Year of the Horse by ricecuni
Tasha (2014) by Meekochan I am the Last- The Legend of Korra by To-Ka-Ro [Contest] Idris - Mirage Noir by xLetsPretend Zosimos Flannel by Amecha Sad Equine Love by Auriaslayer
Ksenia in Graphite by SHParsons Battle Chasers Final by yinfaowei Paper Bags (Color) by LukeGraber Fabulous^^ by Seminon Galactic Deer by Keralice

Metro Last Light International Contest - ESCAPE by ArtisticAxis
 See things different by lunastone100 Wobbles: Attack on Titan Group by kitcat4056 Humans: Rory by sweaterboo Angel Tears by theheek
Witch Doctor by SquirrelHsieh Excuse me, Hawkgirl plush :p by Lil-Hawk Fish by merunicorn Nobility by Slimymush Blaze by OtakuKiki
Mermaids by Odettery Kazuo Yami Bankai - Second Tail: Shiroi Joroi by YAMATA12 Sacrifice by ascenciok Rainy day Aria by GlassesBlu I am .:|NOT|:. Free by AkuToSeigi
Burned, Scratched and Frozen by SepticSkeptik
 Nature by Art-in-heart4va Game of flame by Kaymaro Game of Thrones by mishka6677 Adam by GlyphBellchime

Grandma's House by l3onnie DRAWING (pastel) / A FRIEND by b-Dedi 7 Capital Sins' Lust by dreito Pastel Goth Donuts Fairy Kei Dark and Cute by OkashiBurochi Sunset in the city by GiuseppeTria
Vintage Princess -Pocahontas by selinmarsou Ai-Zen Painting by OllyChimera Come Here If You Want by inktion King of the Universe by Matna-chan Precious moments by CatherineDaydreamer
Wax Library by Razowi Cleo by silis-nois Lakeside Manor by RoadsUntraveled The Gentle Barbarian(s) by Pony-Berserker Ev. Candy Head by AShiori-chan
Adoptable #4 - Alys contest entry - Closed by Kimidoll Fox spirit by BelialMadHatter Monarch Fairy (Commission) by AkiraHikawa Summer wind by LadyCarnal Miku - Larimar by Narumo

The journey begins by MidnightArtDragon Memories of a beautiful summer by al-vamp Freak Really? by MR-D-A  Monday Morning by R-GIE Entities by BitteMiau
Wolf by PoisonedOracle A Girl by theMaianebula Falling Angel by illuminatedflower I'm My Own Nightmare by calbhach Bed of Roses by ladylionink
Tomoe by crazylame1
 Flashy by aquamarinetiger98 Regarder le temps qui nous depasse. by Babou-Shka Psychonauts - Asylum Grounds by Razputin93 M :: 2O14O226 by UnderworldPP
Cerise, Cherry Blossom Dragon by rosepeonie The Iron Horse by fantreasureplanetljs Dog Figure by Brainstorm-bw-style Hide and seek by rredenvous Queen Peebles by sweetcandyteardrop

Wolf by AliNere Wall for Peace at Champ de Mars by EUtouring Inspiration Mandala by BRZA1 Happy Valentines Day... by BlueMillenium Growing Willow by SolitaireWulf
fimo biscuit pendants-Hetalia approved! by strictlyhandmade Abstract Chameleon by RainyLover Dark night and deepest thought by areemus 20's New York by SofiaMaldonado The Discharger by ElDiogo
Floating White by bite-size-fox
 Siren's Tree of Life Redone by MEGAmegalicious Halo by Chewsome The Native by ronmonroe Ma Mia by ponyfleute
Happy Birthday, SRMTHFG! by Meiko55 Being sick by Sugis Lily by Stacy-L-Gage Goblins by kidnaser Frozen in the Style of Alfons Mucha by YarTzana-Serenade

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