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December 1, 2012
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CI Monthly Feature - #4

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2012, 6:36 AM

"I'll Forget, I'll love, I'll live, I'll trust and I'll forgive"

Hello dear members of CI :wave:
It's my turn again to put together 250 deviations of 250 of our members :hooray:
I'll explain this again for our new members:
In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works and we will feature you in the 1st of next month.
A great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 32k members! :eager:
BUT make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 250 slots!
here's this month's feature:
Protect by Nekkohime Cutie~ by StarryPooh MK's III and IV by hybridmink
LittleRedRiding Willow 2. What lies in the Dark... by Ay-u Thoth by NightElf86 :thumb336135321:
Young King in Love by finalverdict Invader Zim and Gir by Firey-Flamy :thumb337694471:
Scan 2 by Mio299 Winter has come by Kallian91 Yuuki Cross by SayoArt
It's Alive by aeroartist Wooper by Tigrite
Mysterious Village by balint4 valentine by cloe-patra DizzyGirlEasy by porksiomai
Rainbow Dash Keychain by Dragons-Garden BANG! by Eikomi
Casual Rhadamanthys by Seveya East of the Sun and West of the Moon by IgAgI Charlotte Grace Prinze by Emi-Gemini
Zombie by DrunkenFangschrecke Annoyed Hatsune Miku by 4everabooklovergirl2 Pirate!England by Fricoritto
Alien by Insanemoe Pattern 5 by Arkus83 Gratitude by Arayashikinoshaka
Angelize. by RJW-Photo Forever Together - Commission - by agalakachikaboum Broken by lelechan16
Balance by VallenArt Beauty and the Enigma by ArtFurry Contest Entry - Guan sisters and little Zhao by Momoko122
Pony Parade by MuseGamer Yoshiki-Swan Prince by DianneDejarjayes Tomorrow by freyv
RA: Maid Cafe by Mielluu Random Class Doodle 01 by NoriNeko-Noriaki Halloween Bunnies by Mechanical2127
Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus by yinghuo Lamp Still Life by decyf3r Hmm? by MissCarmela
7 Foot Custom Perpetual Plaque by dizzyflower28 Dreams never end by YumeLyd Autumn Panda by darkSoul4Life
.:THIS IS WHY I DON'T DRAW CHIBI-Fem!South Korea:. by Blue-Star10 Sea Life by KiwiCocktail Commission: If I'm with you... by Onyrica
Project 29: first one by Alie-Reol if eyelessjack has a face by mrs-monsterchocolate Have a Nice Dream by Just-an--Illusion
Digital Painting 01 by RoolaKhol James Hetfield Portrait by Szetyi Passionate Grace by dtaskonak
Mizki Kaname by KiwiRabbit :thumb330678686: :thumb337705683:
Watch out!! pt. 2 by Dys-Crux CM: Take A Bite by Devangelic A sweet Kiss from Kisshu 2.0 by CoffeeBuns
So that's why her hair does that... by SweetKeyDani Crushing Collage by 2DSpacePrincess :thumb326883762:
Split second by OniNoKo Tango ~ Blue Angel by ice-queen-blue [OC] Lina and Gina- Double Trouble by izka197
They're penguins! by Silvanne Evil by YorukoChikokoro - at: Sweet Dreams by p-e-r-f-o-r-m
Dat socks D: by MrsVolv Fireflies by Sheepzi kitty dust by samsey
Masamune [promo] by silverlife :thumb323062953: Fly with Me- The Horse and The Dragon by TheColdSoul1888
Dorroh by WTFmoments :thumb327839749: throw me in the landfill.I hate you.
I honest-to-God hate you.
But you're so
You could do whatever,
Throw me in a landfill
Leave me at the alter,
And I would forgive you.
Do me a favor,
Kiss me.
Let it linger.
Let it last.
Don't let me love it.
I love you too much,
I need to hate you.
Let me die in your arms.
Let me fade away in your company
Let me go.
Let me free
I'm begging you.
Let me go
Make me hate you
Make me love you
Electricity sparks in me
Am I the only one who feels it?
I am alone in this
Aren't I?

Lady Syreni 2 by MademoiselleGrymms Child of the Sea by MimiStars Molluscan Showdown *Animated* by Null-Entity
A demon's Fate by GodessFae :thumb337843469: Gingerbread Men Stud Earrings by TheFuzzyPineapple
God Save Us Everyone by StarryEvening Collection by Zabboud castle-mountain by fenna-maruda
Jellyfish Princess by Gee-94 Pharaoh Is Scorpio by Seveya Cupcake by selinmarsou
Ariel uncartooned by Death-of-all Prowling by ShelbyMelissa Succubus Pleasure by Seonidas
Painted Lady I by DragonFlyer139 Autumn by Jintii Maddy the bat by YadahhYadahhYadahh
Light orb 5 by 0MrLonely0 Shaving Cactus by 0lliebot Mission to the north Part 2 by GiH-Crafting
Flying Fruits by MoMoRiddle Tired of waiting by Duendepiecito Commission miyaku-miku by GemaStarlight
Duomo by WeaselTea A New BeginninngWalking up the pathway, she fished out the shiny metal key. Unlocking the door, she was about to step inside when--.
"Wait!" he cried, dropping the suitcases on the front porch. "We have to do this right."
So amid all the movers lugging in furniture, he picked her up and carried her across the threshold.
Slumber by DaisyDinkle languid by SUSHIDIGITAL We Will Never Be Broken... by Attack-On-Maou
Goodnight - December EAP2012 by Catherine-PL Madonna by AmBr0 KRYPTONITE by sitruunainen
Chibi pikachu by Kiarapoke
MiyazakiTribute-TheRealWorld by TheNocTurnaL-OnyxX COM Gavin by Risa1 Derp Herp by Avahollic
Don't worry by devPeter Blue and Orange by FrozeN9 Hunger Games Cake by Catnipkitty99
Star Dancer by Cronoman66 Leaf by LittlePurpleCloud Wickley Wombat in the snow by MagicalMerlinGirl
sm: falling down oh dear by MARoy :thumb337228766: portrait by XriKonstantopoulou
:thumb336731032: Cabbage White Buttefly by JophesXI Bow Ties are Cool by DecThePixter
old man study by pur1n :thumb336454931: :thumb333894899:
Babydow Dress Design by Eflete Zabel Erlwein by flickrBLITZshimmer Benny by divafica
Porcelain Fanart by VioleRodrigo Wish me luck by Gabilimalima Happy (late) Halloween by amumaju
Sunset on Halloween II by jdwate Halloween 2012 by Qtsy Combined Powers by RaelXArts
Geometric harmony by daliahme Both at Their Meant Place by Sandy101010 c* animeandanimelover by nibblesonnails
Resolution. Ch 1/13 by Ezri-Krios Tao ACEO by Mousenibbles C: TheReverendPlague 2 by KuroeMoon
:thumb331849117: Resident Evil Vector Wallpaper by In2umniaKillH3r Horse Portrait by DavidMela
Look at the sky... by Amayumi FMA: The Fullmetal Alchemist by Before-I-Sleep Autumn Leaves 02 by Lahmia2705
Wasting Away by Hita-san BIEBER FEVER!! by MegaAnimeFreak7 Can Heaven Hear Me? by BlackThornRose
Gingerbread Fall Pikachu's by Faye-Fox Kate Heart : Happy Halloween Day! by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks spectrobes human sacrifice Chp 1Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Alice. She lived in a beautiful castle at the edge of an enchanted forest. Even though she had everything a kid could ever wish for, she felt incomplete. Her parents were never around and the servants were much too busy to play with her. She dreamed of a far off place where she had friends to play with. She wished every day and night for that dream to come true. One day, while she was in the garden, she saw a little boy whom she never seen before. She walked to the little boy.
"Umm hello" she said, the boy simply smiled at her. "My name is Alice, what's your name?" she said, again the boy smile.
After a long pause he spoke "My name is little dream" Alice was surprised to hear that. The boy continued "will you come play with me princess?" She said yes. "Then come this way" he said to her as he held her hand. The two walked through the gates, then down a path that lead into the forest. They walked deeper and deeper into the forest until they

Lady Dragon by SilverWinge Bo-dool by lacrimode It's been a long time... by Wotsit123
Sing it girl! by dedeartist Old tiger drawing. by Maddie-Marie Paint the Sky with Colors by fantreasureplanetljs
Season of love by music-drop Sleep time by EdaHerz Worg - finished piece by lorestra
Amaya Uchiha and Roza Akashiya: Commission by Silverarte :thumb316952580: Brun by CathleenTarawhiti
:thumb337082590: Stella-Let's see how far we've Come by ShooterXchan Always by Tandenfee
Trans-planetary Transportation 1 by Jaydenwolf Deity Days by Hedgina Little Red - pg 1 - LINE by Avalensch
The Light by Kaltenbrunner Dark Velvet Revisited by oceans-inferno Sleepless NightsEver since he left, I've been a mess.
Why can't I sleep?

Something about it just doesn't make sense.
Maybe if I turn over....

Where did he go?
How about some earplugs?

Why did he go?
Maybe if I ate something....

He never acted like anything was wrong....
Warm milk might help.

Maybe it was something I said.
A couple extra blankets....

But I was so careful to be nice....
Softer pajamas....

I bet he met someone else.
Maybe if I watched some TV....

She's probably gorgeous.
Read a few chapters of a book....

If only I was prettier....
Ooh, this is too scary.

But he always said I was so beautiful....
Perhaps a magazine....

He must have been lying.
This isn't helping.

Should I call him?
Maybe some music....

No; that would be awkward.
Taylor Swift needs to write some h

Konan by ChInAdOlli Loki... by harmoniace Chase Wakefield- Wind ::Concept Art:: by TheFigureInTheCorner
Custom headphones - finished! by Creationfail Last kiss, the dragon tears by PedroHenrique-2 King of high hrothgar WIP III by Dancer40320
Chibi Ash, Brock and Misty by TimTam13 His Sweet Candy Ass by AwkwardApartment Red Hawk by Cold-Force
Choppa by RedRoronoa Sunflower KissesSunflower kisses dance across my skin
laying down in a field of wheat in the afternoon.
You appear almost out of nowhere
and lay down next to me as you were meant to be.
The sun hurts my eyes,
as I squint at the clouds and try to make shapes.
You stare at me and I try to think,
yet the more you stare the harder it is to ignore.
Do you want the sun?
The sun?
Ya, the sun.
Everyone gives the moon as a gift,
but to me, the only thing that can rival your charm
is the suns great shine,
and even then when you emerge outside
the suns grows dark and burnt.

You never were a poet
I couldn't help but laugh
at how long you probably spent
thinking of that one line.
I like the sun.
Then I'll wrangle the sun,
all for you.

We laid in the suns warmth
of sunflower kisses
and the tickles of wheat instead of grass
and nothing else mattered in the world.
I love you.
I love you too.
New OC Kaze by FantasyLinky
Color Splash - Rose by Meranda92 Lady of the Lake by Crazy-Kiwii The Huntress by Yuyutsu-of-Kashi
Horse's eye by BHvid :thumb337150384: :thumb333126561:
All those things unsaid by nataszek My Dreams are Better by GNPoetry After MC Escher by KrystinaLeigh
Teasel by Salix-Sericea kingdom of the Gods by SKELVAMPIRE DoMO: Alter Egos by paichi
The twilight by PetiteBubu :Why Are You So Cold: by allyalltheway OC: Aozora Chiyo by azuriin
FFXIII-2: Serah by Chiaticle :thumb335065947: Skrillex - Finished by PseudonymousRMY
Aurora II by Emerald-Depths Sunset by pickleduck3 Magnified Moose by LaLibelluleyez
AT- kkkkoi by rainfreezer Elephant by JTIllustrations How to Tie Heartstrings by scathing-sanity
Syndrico 'Gills' by GrimmPrime Point Fermin Lighthouse by awesome43 The Sea's Treasure by ice10cream
Make It Through by CaseyJewels BMO Dancing Animation by VERTEX768MHz halloween 2012 by tenshi-koneko500
Black and White Morning by CherieNoir Ishi no Hikari - Sorceress by Hikaroo Aurora by Voyager168
Shine Away by 666mephistopheles Cloud Strife by c00kie-l0ver A Derpy Perspective[UPDATE] by SkellerArt
:thumb335421057: OC: Ruka + Reina Alfrey by Reysuke-chan Alice in Wonderland by MartiniCup
What Have You Done!???? by TBRae Lana Del Rey. by steph--95 :thumb337986847:
Practice Painting: Nathan by orribu E S C A P E by Ata-Ur-Rehman Sword Art Online - Kirito x Asuna by xXvampireangel78Xx
Kagura by anime-lover05 She needs a name by Orangelargh "My might cannot be matched" by rbl3d
Kandee Johnson by msfubli 66. Let's Fly by Shaymin-chi I Married A Witch by ange-etrange
:thumb337946191: Angel by Lidias93 The Waltz Before Christmas by Shinkami
freedom-t-shirt by prime512
Thank you all :heart:

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Emerald-Depths Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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sTiViA Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist
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